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Circuit Breaker Repair

Circuit Breaker Repair and Replacement

Circuit breakers provide peace of mind. For those who have them properly installed, it can be an important lifeline for those instances when the power goes out. A simple storm – something you cannot predict – can take out the power for hours or days, putting your home at risk while it does so. Making sure your circuit breakers are properly installed and maintained is important. If you are thinking about generator installation, Howard Simons Electrical is happy to help you to do just that.

Installing a Generator

If you are considering the value of replacing your circuit breakers, let Howard Simons Electrical help you to choose the right type of installation and repair for your home or business. Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from replacing their circuit breakers regularly. Proactive maintenance like this can be very valuable in the long run. 

In a commercial setting, maintaining your circuit breakers are critically important, especially when a power outage can cause thousands of dollars of lost product or raw materials. In a home setting, they can be invaluable to those who have medical problems and rely on electricity to keep them going. Let Howard Simons Electrical help you to have one professionally installed.

Circuit Breaker Repair Needs Solved

If you have circuit breakers that are not working or have not been serviced in some time, give us a call. It is important to maintain these, especially if they go too long in between the times you are replacing or repairing them. The good news is you can get circuit breaker repair rather quickly, and these can be reliably repaired by a top quality electrician. It does not have to take long to get your system working properly again.

Don’t try to make repairs to your circuit breaker on your own. When you need circuit breaker repair service, give Howard Simons Electrical a call. With years of experience and the ability to help with virtually any need, Howard Simons, a one-man operation, has the expertise and the dedication to help you. Most importantly, he is available to answer all of your questions about proper circuit breaker maintenance, and repair for both commercial and residential needs. Take a few minutes to give us a call today to find out how Howard can help you.

Whether you need generator repair or an emergency electrician to get your power back on, put your trust in Howard Simons Electrical. A business built on honesty and integrity, you can feel confident working with us for all of your needs.

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